1980 -1987
Christian Reschke and Martin Führer bumped into another when Christian moved from Mannheim-Seckenheim (by the way: Hometown of Olli Heydenreich / the Flames) to Hemsbach, the so called "badisch California".
Together they went through the hell of elementary classes at the local "Hebelschule" before they met Heiko Albrecht at High School. All had the same twisted ideas that never resulted in normal behaviour.
Years of skateboarding, BMX riding and Jack-assing followed ‚til the first records of the METEORS, Guana Batz, Batmobile,…found their way to the record players of the three guys at around 1986.
Soon a guitar was being grabbed and a slap bass had to follow. In different line ups they celebrated Rock'n'roll, Psychobily until 1987 the band "the Roadrunners" was founded.
Part of this crew was also Felix Wiegand who nowadays travels around the country with Dick Brave & the Backbeats formerly known as "I feel lonely Sascha". Felix today is a professional doublebass player who studied Classic and Jazz playing at University.

1988 - 1992
End of the 80's beginning of the 90's several gigs came along their way. They performed as support act for bands like Guana Batz and Frantic Flintstones. Tons of fun and booze is what they had back then.
Mid '91 they broke up and each one made his own way in different bands.
Christian Reschke founded the band "Rockin Dynamite" together with ex-musicians of the "Hot Boppers" (Mannheim) and the fomer bassist of "the Mason Dixon hobos". Frank Büchman was singing back then and again Martin Führer was part of this project, this time as the 2nd guitarist.
Heiko Albrecht joined "the Mason Dixon Hobos" as bass player where he still performs today.
Martin Führer turned professional and plays with different bands like Ringo Ska, Running Five, Las Vegas Elvis Revival Show.

UNITED - The Music keeps us together